Prefabricated Shelters

The Pre Fab structures manufactured by MODERN PREFAB SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. covers various applications including Barracks, Site Offices, Site Accommodation, Class Rooms, Storage Shed, Labor Camps, Transit Camps, Guard House, Sentry Post, Roof Top Accommodation, Hill Cottages, Partitions, Resorts Accommodation, Low Cost Housing & Health Center etc. any many more.

Modern Prefab has pioneered in manufacturing and erection of single, double and triple storey Pre Fabricated shelters. It caters to various sheltering requirements in all terrains and conditions. Our priority is to give our clients a comfortable home, even in harshest condition. Company has executed thousands of shelters for Indian army and paramilitary forces in high altitude areas and for prestigious Pvt. organisations.

MODERN PREFAB SYSTEMS PVT. LTD. manufactures custom made structures based on the drawings and specifications given by the client.

Evaluating the need, we work out the most effective and economical solution for any terrain and climatic conditions.


Technical Properties