Arch Buildings


A New Revolutionary Concept

Modern Prefab ushers in a simple but practical solution for storage with a revolutionary Truss less, clear span design of self-supporting Arch Style Steel Buildings. These buildings are made with special grade GI coated steel and can be used for multiple applications like Agriculture Storage, Commercial Storage, Vehicle Garage, Godowns, Workshops, Factories etc.

Foundation & Assembly

Foundations for Metal Arch Buildings are very simple RCC beam along the perimeter walls. On these walls we have an option of fixing the Welded Arch Connector for heavy wind or snow loads. Optionally, we can create a U cavity in the RCC Perimeter beam and fill it with concrete after fixing the Arc Panel Sections.

Simple Plinth construction with Plyboard Shuttering and concrete pouring

Welded Arch Connectors fastened to concrete

Once the building is up, grout the sections into the floating perimeter on a slope for the water to run off, and then grout the inside with the same slope.

Erection Options

All the panels are assembled and bolted together on the ground forming the Arch Panel Sections. The Arch Panel Sections fasten to with each other and to the Welded Arc Connector with the standard bolts/nuts supplied with buildings. A team of 4 to 6 people can easily erect the arch building without use of any mechanized equipment & Cranes. However, for larger buildings a crane would be required.

  1. Do-It-Yourself: You will have a detailed erection manual, construction drawings & shipping list.
  2. Hire a company empaneled installer directly and pay him yourself.
  3. Entire project can be taken up on turnkey basis by company on selective projects.